One day in Bellagio

Things to visit in Bellagio Lake Como

One day in Bellagio

Walking around the historical centre of Bellagio and visit of the gardens of Villa Melzi

Considering that you only have one day we suggest you to start your visit of Bellagio from the “Borgo”, the town’s historical centre.

Walk down the stairs and from Piazza Mazzini, keep walking through the little archway, pass the car ferry dock until you get to the beautiful promenade by the lake with its magnificent Oleanders that takes you to the English-style gardens at the Villa Melzi.

After the visit of Villa Melzi you can exit in Loppia hamlet, pass the dock area where you can still admire one rare example of Larian (from Lake Como) Gondolas, sailing craft which were used up to the end of the XIX century for carrying goods and animals.

On you left take the flight of stairs that leads to the Vialone (the grassy stretch) where at the end you can see the awesome (private) Villa Giulia.

You can stop and relax in one of the benches you will find on the way to the romantic, characteristic hamlet of Pescallo.

From there in 10 minutes walking you get back again to the centre of Bellagio.

Following Via Garibaldi, the main road with shops, you get into the Church square (Piazza San Giacomo).

Here the most important feature is, of course, St.James’ Basilica, one of the best examples of the Lombard-Romanesque style architecture in this whole region.

If you are interested in art you can enter the main tower in the corner of the square, “Torre delle arti”, a cultural center open to different cultural and artistic experiences where sometimes there are some interesting expositions.

We recommend also to take a walk along the road to the right which leads us to the tip of the promontory called the “Punta Spartivento” which, literally translated, means the point where the wind divides. The views from here are exceptional and undoubtedly the best on Lake Como.

This is the point where the lake splits itself into three branches: to the right, the Lecco branch (south-eastern branch); to the left, the Como branch (south-western branch); and straight ahead of us, to the north, the Colico branch.

This is just an easy itinerary that you can enjoy collecting information from the free App: Villa Melzi opening time, information on Loppia, Pescallo, the shops in Via Garibaldi and all you need to know about the churches you will while walking around.

Enjoy your time in Bellagio 🙂


Things to visit in Bellagio Lake Como

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